Become a member of the River City Street Rods

Any applicant for membership must attend two meetings and have the sponsorship of at least one active member.

Additional requirements include:

  1. Membership shall be opened to any person, 18 years or older, with an interest in classic and/or street rod vehicles.  An interest in the purpose of the club shall be the primary reason for membership. 
  2. Members must take an active part in club activities/events by attending a minimum of 2 meetings per year. Working a RCSR car show would  count towards this requirement.
  3. Member must display good character and have a desire to promote River City Street Rods and their efforts.
  4. Members must promote street rodding in a manner respecting all laws governing such activities

A member having attended 100 meetings (working a RCSR car show is included in the count) may be granted a lifetime membership. Annual dues for a lifetime membership shall be a one time only payment of $50.00.