River City Street Rods - Bylaws & Constitution


Revised December 2017

Name and Emblem

SECTION I:                This organization shall be known as River City Street Rods, Inc..  This club was established in 1976.  All Promotional, Published, or Advertisement items shall represent the club as River City Street Rods.

SECTION II:               The official emblem of the club is the car pictured above.


SECTION I:                The purpose of the club shall be:

to promote events relating to Classic/or Street Rod vehicles and other forms of street rodding activity.

to create good fellowship and sportsmanship among all members of the club.

to promote interest in the viewing, collection, preservation, and restoration of classic/or Street Rod vehicles.

to uphold the principles of good government within the club.

to conduct club functions and activities in a manner befitting members of the street rodding sport, and to encourage a better understanding of street rodding as a constructive sport among members of the public, press, and law enforcement agencies.

to promote safety in driving, automobile maintenance, and overall vehicle operations.

SECTION II.               The club shall be operated as a non-profit Corporation. All elected officers and committee members will serve without remuneration.   However, members may be reimbursed for expenses incurred on behalf of the club.



SECTION I.                The jurisdiction of this constitution shall be as follows:  All persons who are members in good standing of RIVER CITY STREET RODS shall comprise one of the following three classifications:

A. Board of Directors:

One President to serve a two-year term
One Vice President to serve a two-year term
One Secretary to serve a two-year term
One Treasurer to serve a two-year term
One Club Representative to serve a two-year term

B.  Active & Lifetime Members

C.  Honorary Members


SECTION I:                Any applicant for membership must attend two (2) meetings and have the sponsorship of at least one active member.


1.   A member having participated and fulfilling the requirements of an active member for 10 consecutive years may be granted a lifetime membership.
2.   Lifetime members must abide by the same articles as an active member (Section I, A.).


Members who, for some reason, become inactive may be recognized by the club Board of Directors and/or Active Members as Honorary Members for their prior contributions to the club in keeping with the purpose of RIVER CITY STREET RODS.  These members will pay no dues nor have any rights in the club until being re-instated.



SECTION I:                Annual Dues


RCSR Club Activities Guidelines

SECTION I:                Car show Planning Procedures



SECTION I:                            The elected officers of the club shall include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and one member of the club to serve as Club Representative. Together they will form the clubs Board of Directors.

SECTION II:                           A majority of the Board of Directors constitutes a quorum at any meeting of the Board of Directors.

Nominations, Elections, Resignations

SECTION I:                Nominations

SECTION II:               Elections

SECTION III:              Resignations

Duties of Officers

SECTION I:                President
The President will preside over all meetings of the club, serve as Chairperson of the Board of Directors, act as ex-officio member of all committees, issue the call for regular and special Board of Directors meetings.  Schedule regular elections and be sure they are held in accordance with the Constitution, carry out the directives of the Board of Directors. The President shall be have access to all financial accounts, as well as the Treasurer, and assume the position of Treasurer should he/she become incapacitated or unable to perform that position.

SECTION II:               Vice President
The Vice President will perform all duties of the President in his/her absence.

SECTION III:              Secretary
The Secretary will record and maintain the minutes of the meetings of the club, maintain membership records, give notice of all regular and special meetings of the membership and Board of Directors, based on directives from the President, and supervise all records of the club.

SECTIONIV:               Treasurer
The Treasurer will collect dues, collect all other income due the club, maintain the club accounting books, make payments from the club funds when so ordered by the Board of Directors, sign all club checks, make regular reports of the clubs financial status to the Board of Directors.

SECTION V:               Club Representative
The Club Representative shall serve in an advisory capacity to the President and Board of Directors on behalf of the active members.

The Board of Directors constitutes the Executive Board of the club, responsible for the execution, through its officers, of the authorized policies, by majority vote fills vacancies in the office of the Board of Directors, and submits to the club during regular meeting any recommendations affecting the policies of the club which have been previously approved.

SECTION VII:            All officers should work together in preparation of the clubs minutes, progress reports, birthdays and anniversaries.


SECTION I:                A majority of the active members in good standing constitutes a quorum.

SECTION II:               Regular membership meetings will be held once a month (except June thru September) at a time and place set forth by the Board of Directors.

SECTION III:              The Board of Directors may meet before regular meetings, should the need arise.

SECTION IV:              Special membership meetings and special Board of Directors meetings can be called by the President.

SECTION V:               The business of this organization shall be conducted by parliamentary procedure.
SECTION VI:              The order of business for all meetings of the club and the Board of Directors is as follows:

SECTION VII:            Committees of the club are:

Annual Safety Check- Optional

SECTION I:                Members of River City Street Rods, Inc are encouraged to maintain a safe vehicle.

Constitutional Revision

SECTION I:                Constitutional revisions

Expenditures of the Club Funds

SECTION I:                Business Expenditures

SECTION II:               Non- Business Expenditures

SECTION III:              Emergency Expenditures

SECTION IV:              Special Events Funding


SECTION V:               Treasury Funds

SECTION VI:              Liquidations of Treasury Funds

Should River City Street Rods, Inc. decide by vote or by action of the current Board of Directors to dissolve the club, the following procedure shall be followed: